7 Reasons Why You need a  Day of Wedding Coordinator in Chicago

Weddings in Chicago are vibrant and have a lot of moving parts. Chicago wedding planners tend to offer this service as part of their packages because we do have engaged couples and brides who prefer to plan the wedding and get help a few weeks to the day. Others also opt to cut cost and have family handle this important role, however family should enjoy and celebrate with you. This role is better handled by a wedding planner

Hiring a Day of Wedding coordinator in Chicago is a crucial component to the success of your wedding and here are reasons why: 

  1. The Coordinator arrives early on the day at the hotel to ensure that the bride, groom and bridal party are on schedule and comfortable

The execution of the first item on the timeline sets the tone for the rest of the day and we want to make sure we are part of it and that everyone starts out well

2. The Coordinator is the first to arrive at the venue to manage and supervise all the venue decor and details.

 There are amazing Chicago venues to choose from, each with challenges to navigate. We have the skill to handle requirements and any specifications needed to pull your dream wedding off.

3. The Coordinator fills in any loopholes untouched during the planning time and bring solutions to any last minute pain points.

We tend to help with any outstanding vendors or design ideas to bring the event together as needed. Think of it as having a wedding planner for a month to tie everything with a bow.

4. The Coordinator attends and coordinates the rehearsal 

The wedding rehearsal allows everyone to know what to do and get comfortable with each other. A Chicago day of coordinator will help you know exactly what to do and how the Ceremony will go. It calms the nerves of our clients and reduces any wedding jitters.

5. The Coordinator helps Set Up any personal items that will bring more of your personality as a couple to your wedding. 

This is a time to honor any family members who have passed or meant a lot to you and your partner. We support our couples and come up with creative ideas to honor family as well.

6. A Day of Wedding Coordinator helps distribute all vendor gratuities and final payments.

You do not want vendors asking for balances on the day of. For us we make sure we collect all final payments or encourage our couple to pay everyone before the wedding so it is relaxing and we know every vendor’s bill is taken care of.

7. We deal with and improvise when there are “emergencies” as they happen.

We come ready to think on our feet to resolve any issues that may arise. Our goal is to protect the integrity of the vision and keep the day of event moving as flawlessly as possible

8. Ensure family members and the Bridal party know what to do and are organized so you do not have to.

   We keep the family informed with next steps and the bridal party ready for the next thing   on the program line up. We “shield” the couple from any crazy members if we know beforehand. It’s your day and it should be all about you! We are excellent helpers to ensuring that you and your spouse enjoy the day and not have to worry above the details and the flow of events

 9. We help create a Master Vendor List to keep everyone organized 

This helps all the vendors know what to do and who is involved in the production. We work with a ton of vendors to create your dream wedding so it is important to have this vendor ready with enough detail so everyone understands how the day will flow.

10. The Coordinator helps you draw a robust timeline.

A master timeline for the day helps your vendors produce a flawless production as they will know what to do at what time. It also helps the bride, the groom and bridal party have a fair idea of how the day will go so there is clarity and they are all ready for a fun day!!

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