7 MUST KNOW tips for Planning the PERFECT Marriage Proposal

  1. Get her close friend involved if she has one; you might get ideas on what her perfect proposal will look like

Try to get some ideas of what she would like and what she envisioned her proposal to look like. This will help  you during the planning process. Also, trust your gut and know that whatever you do she will appreciate it and love it because it is coming from you!

  1. Choose a location that is meaningful or go on a trip on her wish list if you can afford it

The environment sets the tone so take your time to scout a place where you can focus on each other and he can say all that he wants to say comfortably. Please avoid water environments… unless you trust that your nervousness won’t make you clumsy.

  1. Hire a photographer, Get the moment captured! This will be something you will cherish forever and get a photographer who who can  give you more tips on how to prepare for this big moment
  1. Choose the engagement ring – you know what to do here. Just make sure you get it insured. It’s fine if she prefers to be part of this process after all she is going to wear it. Just make the actual proposal a surprise or special
  1. Make sure she gets her nails done

This is the MOST important tip of all, make sure you find a way to get her to go get her nails done! She will be showing off her ring to everyone after you propose and her nails need to be on point. How do you get this done? Get a close friend who can keep a secret, encourage her to go OR plan it months in advance and let her get it done every month so the month you are going to propose it won’t be a weird reminder when you tell her to.

  1. Find out beforehand if she prefers you to ask for her hand in marriage from her parents before you propose

This is sacred for most lady’s that you have her guardian or parents blessing. If she does then add this to the planning. Allow that time to meet or call them and get their blessing.

  1. Please make sure you ask if she wants a  private or public proposal. 

I am personally a private kind of girl so something between the two of us is the way to go. However, it is okay if your girl would like a public proposal type of gal. Everyone’s love language is different and it is fine either way. This is can make or break how perfect it will be for her so keep that in mind

  1. Hire an Event planner to help you get the perfect set up you desire. The mood and scenery sets the tone for photos and for her to have a complete experience. 

We can’t wait to talk to you about your upcoming  proposal and how we can serve you and reduce the stress of planning this. Hire us to be part of this big moment and we will give a special offer towards planning your wedding as well.

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