Nigerian-Malawian Wedding at The Penthouse HydePark in Chicago

If you haven’t seen The Penthouse HydePark Chicago, you need to schedule a venue tour soon. The venue is beautiful and modern, yet it has a feeling as though it has been there for years. We helped plan this gorgeous wedding within 8 months, and it turned out to be one of my favorites of all time, mainly because our couple was simply sweet and one of the kindest people we have worked with. Ken and Mphamvu wanted a timeless wedding, so when they chose The Penthouse, it truly brought everything together.

My couple met in college and have been together since. They wanted to merge their cultures, and so I suggested we order late night snacks, one from each culture, and that was a blast!

My bride wanted a second look, so we helped her find a local designer who made her look like fire in a dazzling jumpsuit. She looks amazing! We also went shopping with her after her first dress, which she chose with family and friends, was picked out of peer pressure or family pressure. The one she ended up choosing was floral and hugged her in the right places; she looked gorgeous.

Adding greenery with florals and candles at The Penthouse HydePark venue was the perfect combination for this timeless wedding.

It was so fun to see everything come together beautifully in the space for my couple, and the staff at this venue was beyond amazing to work with.

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