5 Unexpected Ways Your Event Planner Can Save You Money

When planning a big event like a wedding, party, or corporate event, most people don’t associate hiring an event planner with saving money.

After all, you have to pay their fees on top of all your other expenses!

However, an experienced event coordinator can save you money in the long run. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Venue Discounts

Event planners plan events all year round. They establish valuable relationships with venues and vendors.

This gives them more bargaining power to negotiate discounts that clients would not be able to get on their own.

For example, we once saved a bride $1500 on her dream wedding venue after negotiating a 10% discount.

The venue was willing to provide a special rate due to the planner’s ongoing relationship and proven ability to bring in business.

2. Cost Management

Experienced planners have executed many events on various budgets.

They have the insider knowledge and Excel tools to provide accurate cost projections.

This prevents budget overages and ensures optimal allocation of funds to the elements clients value most.

Jokay Events uses proprietary templates to closely track event expenses and make real-time spending adjustments if needed.

This cost management gives clients peace of mind that they will get the envisioned event while sticking to their budget.

3. Free Up Your Time

Planning an event takes a massive investment of time—contacting vendors, negotiating contracts, sourcing rentals, managing RSVPs – the list goes on!

When you hire an event planner, you free up hours that would have been spent planning and can devote that time to things that matter more or earn income.

We handle all the time-consuming details so you can focus on your job family, or just relax!

4. Avoid Costly mistakes

First-time event planners often make mistakes that end up costing more money – unclear contracts, forgetting essential elements, and last-minute fixes.

Professional planners prevent such blunders, which helps avoid budget-busting corrections down the line.

Jokay Events oversees all aspects of designing, coordinating, and managing events. Our expertise with lighting logistics, rental item planning, scheduling, and contingencies means we prevent mistakes amateur planners make.

Our clients have complete confidence that our seasoned experience will execute their events smoothly.

5. Objective Decision Making

It can be difficult for brides, hosts, or corporate teams to make objective decisions when planning their events.

Hidden costs, personal preferences, and a lack of detachment can blur judgment on budget decisions.

Professional event coordinators approach planning with an impartial eye to determine the best returns on investment that align with client priorities.

We help clients weigh options fairly to stretch their funds without compromising on must-have elements.

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As you can see, partnering with a professional coordinator like Jokay Events offers many perks beyond flawless event execution.

We find ways, large and small, for clients to save money from start to finish.

We love being able to provide beautiful, meaningful events while optimizing budgets through our established vendor relationships and insider planning strategies.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and find out how we can help you host your dream event on a budget!

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