Don’t Let Your Nigerian Wedding Be a Disorganized Mess!

Nigerian weddings beautifully fuse vibrant cultures, elaborate outfits, and nonstop celebrations into joyous occasions.

However, the complex layers involved risk turning your special day into disorganized chaos if not properly planned.

As Nigerian wedding consultants in Chicago, we have coordinated countless smooth and flawless celebrations over the years.

We know all the intricate steps and cultural components needing careful orchestration.

Trust us…

You do NOT want to tackle all the moving pieces alone!

Read below on how you’ll benefit by having Jokay Events manage all the planning and coordination.

Too Many Opinionated Voices

Nigerian weddings naturally come with many loud and contradictory opinions from parents, aunties, and family friends telling you what customs or trends matter most.

This barrage of “shoulds” often leaves brides stressed and overwhelmed, trying to appease everyone.

As your neutral Nigerian wedding planner, we mediate family dynamics and skillfully navigate potential landmines.

We incorporate meaningful touchpoints based on diplomatic conversations respecting varying perspectives.

Keeping Track of Moving Parts

From finding florists able to import tropical flowers to booking a live band that can fluidly combine Juju, highlife, and Afrobeat music, pulling together qualified vendors familiar with cultural customs takes work!

With deep roots in Chicago and Nigeria, we maintain relationships with a diverse talent network well-versed in traditions.

We assemble and manage your whole team, so you can relax instead of making endless calls.

Juggling the Massive guest list

Average Nigerian weddings easily exceed 300 guests…

When you calculate friends, coworkers, extended relatives, and your parents’ friends – it goes on!

Handling communication and RSVPs for that many people gets challenging.

No scrambling to chase down headcounts at the last minute!

Staying on Time… and Budget

Lavish Nigerian weddings run notoriously late, with lengthy programs and multiple outfit changes.

As wedding designers, we work within your budget to set realistic timelines, preserving those non-negotiable moments like cake-cutting dances without off-setting other events.

As your coordinators, we keep everything timed perfectly so you avoid venue overage fees!

Entrust Jokay Events as Your Wedding Guardians!

Hopefully, you now understand why struggling through masses of opinions, vendor research, endless invites, and getting ready for photo shoots seems unbearable without a professional like Jokay Events overseeing it all!

We become your wedding guardians…

Recommending ideas based on cultural significance, wrangling all the players, and coordinating seamless ceremonies and receptions.

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